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Performance Canoes and Kayaks offers an extensive range of high quality products from world class manufacturers. From Olympic class competitive craft, expedition quality sea kayaks, the most performance efficient paddles or the perfect touring and recreational craft. To find out more, visit the following links:

Sprint / marathon

boats Struer Plastex Elio Sipre Lettmann
g'power Select

Sea Kayak

boats Struer Plastex Elio Sipre Lettmann Nautiraid
paddles g'power Select

Surf Ski / Ocean Racing Ski

boats Elio Sipre
paddles g'power Select

Slalom and down river

boats Plastex Elio Sipre Lettmann
paddles g'power Select

Recreation and touring

boats Struer Plastex Elio Sipre Lettmann Nautiraid Sea Eagle
paddles g'power Select

Dragon boat and Outrigger

boats Plastex Sipre
paddles g'power Select


boats Nautiraid

Stand Up Paddle Boards

boats PCK Select

Logos Struer Kajak Plastex Composite Elio gpower Select Spire Lettmann Nautiraid Sea Eagle Inflatable boats