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PCK Welcomes Kayaking Icon 13 May 2010

PCK is proud to announce the inclusion of iconic Danish timber boat craftsmen STRUER. In a fantastic brand alignment PCK is now the sole distributor of STRUER products in Australia.

Quality, lifestyle and Danish design at its best, the company was founded by the two cabinetmakers Sv. Helge Kobberup and Gerhard Sørensen in 1947, and two attractive and unique kayaks from STRUER were already crossing the finishing line in 1948 at the Olympic Games in London – the first with gold to Karen Hoff from Randers and the second with silver to Frederik Kobberup from STRUER was the trail-blazing result.

Racing kayaks are still the centre of the trade.The attractive shape, the functionality and the design. STRUER Kajak developed a completely new touring kayak in 2001 in the same uncompromising quality, and under exactly the same principles. Today touring kayaks is a growing market, and new models are continuously being designed.

In 2009 STRUER released the sleek new performance K1, the POWER X. A modern design that is underpinned elegance, functionality and speed, whilst retaining the materials and craftsmanship principles that the company is famous for.

Unrivalled durability and stability. The kayaks from Struer Kajak will become the obvious choice if functionality, the ideal form and the choice of the perfect materials are important in your search.

Stay tuned for more news on STRUER or visit

Unrivalled versatility, Nautiraid 10 May 2010

Since 1936 Nautiraid have been innovators in the field of high quality folding craft. Completely hand-made Nautiraid boats combine beautiful lines, comfort, performance and safety. Meeting the expectations of extreme adventurers as well as those of recreational paddlers or even military services.
In folding kayaks, Nautiraid offers two key product lines:

  • The Expedition range is designed with the emphasis on applications involving intense and frequent use.
  • The Touring range is designed for tourist and family use and puts the emphasis on weight saving and cost reduction.

Each boat is produced entirely in Mayenne(France), and is unique. Each wooden hull plank is crafted and varnished with care. Each aluminium component is fitted and assembled precisely. Each piece of fabric is sewn and glued meticulously. Nautiraid folding boats are checked assembled and tested in the factory before delivery.

Check out the sensational range of Nautiraid products at

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