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Ocean Racing Ski Review – Elio Mazu Pro vs. Epic V10

Having now paddled the Elio Mazu for 3 months it’s time for a quick review against my other ski, a V10. Elio, much better known for their sprint boats, has made their 1st attempt at an LD ski with the Mazu Pro. The Mazu Pro is 420mm wide, short for an advanced ski at 6.27 meters, I have the sport version which is a 13 kg carbon/ carbon Kevlar sandwich construction and this ski just gets better and better the more you paddle it! As you would expect from a good sprint boat Manufacturer the construction is excellent producing a very stiff ski. The seat in the Mazu Pro is super comfortable and the...
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Sea Eagle 385 Fast Track hailed as the best inflatable kayak for Australian conditions!

In a recent interview with Sea Eagle President Cecil Hope, Cecil stated that he firmly believes that the Sea Eagle 385 Fast Track, only released worldwide mid last year, is the best inflatable kayak for Australian conditions. With numerous and varying conditions that Australian recreational paddlers would tend to want to enjoy, from flat water lakes, rivers & estuaries to white water rapids and surf, the 385FT’s design and construction is able to uniquely handle all these conditions with ease. This unique design and construction centres...
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Who is PCK

Performance Canoes & Kayaks or for obvious reasons better known as PCK was formed in 2006 by Justin Hocevar, a long time paddle sports enthusiast. Initially PCK begun when Justin was seeking a new K1 and purchased a VAJDA directly from the VAJDA plant in Bratislava. The first Vajda Supersonic 202XL was air freighted back to Melbourne. Shortly after that, with some interest in the brand, Justin formed a relationship with Vajda to become their exclusive Australian distributor in flat-water products. At this stage Vajda was little known amongst the general paddling community and much time, effort and...
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